Hi, I am M. I. Mohamed (Mikey Mo), I feel lucky and blessed to be able to combine my passion of work & hobby. I'm a trained and professional expert in audiovisual technician, film making & video editing. I have great experience of more than 10 working years.


If you need a filmmaker for a commercial, short film or family video then you have come to the right place.


You will get a great service at a good price! I will surely assist until you are fully satisfied. if you need it and you have lots of clips you want to build into a highlight video. Please contact me and I am committed to creating the product you like best. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

🎙        Audio Visual Technician
🍿        Filmmaker
🎬        Producer
📽        Cinemaphotographer
🎥        Cameraman
✍        ColorAssist
🎞        Editor

Based in beautiful city Groningen (The Netherlands)