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I will help make a great video you can be proud off. You will not only get an edited video, but a rich storytelling piece which will play with the music, will shine with titles & logo animations and will grab your viewers attention with playfull edits and transitions.

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I’ve spent countless hours filming & producing with high-quality videos. I can help you with marketing clips, drone flying aerials, promotions, commercials clips, business production, multicam editing, green screen editing, 360VR editing, intro, video colorgrading and so many more.

  • I can output and render in any file format you would like me to: Social Media format (Instagram IGTV, Youtube and many more)

  • Keeping the highest possible quality at no extra cost, even 4K 

  • Revisions are always included

  • I can find and use Royalty Free music for you

I'm using Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, Photoshop CC, DaVinci Resolve & Final Cut Pro X,

(Working with V-Log & Blackmagic RAW )



  • Educational Movie

  • Documentary Movie

  • Wedding Movie

  • Promotions & Commercials Clip

  • Short Clip

  • Sport Video

  • Live Streaming

  • Product Photography

  • VHS Tape to Digital 

  • Video Editing

  • 360VR Editing

  • Color Grading

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